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SOS is a 501 (c) 3  not-for-profit charity consortium established in Maryland devoted to restorative, liberative, and innovative storytelling and the promotion of narrative, cultural and cinematic literacy especially but not exclusively among communities anywhere who



a)-struggle the most to have their stories heard,

b)-have their point of view and their history habitually disqualified,

c)-fail to have their needs recognized, respected and met.

By all educational means available, on-line and in person, by creating resources and films, training programs, scholarships, events, conferences and exhibits, SOS will create living story archives.

smiling-boySOS will empower people who carry the weight of historic injustice to show up, speak out and bear witness. By using the Storywise skills that SOS has taught them, they will grow to represent the experiences that shape their particular point of view, and advocate for their needs in more compelling ways.


The organization is based in the USA and headquartered in Montgomery County Maryland where its founders already have a track record of service, both locally and internationally. SOS partners with other local and global organizations who are devoted to representing and serving the needs of minority populations. It also promotes more broadly a narrative cultural literacy that equips citizens to be more discerning in how they consume the popular news and headlines about immigrants, African Americans, other religions and cultures, refugees, GBTLQ, women and other groups who in their history have been censored or silenced.

Our central goal is to counter the alarming growth of prejudice, bigotry and racism that is spread by the proliferation of  poisonous stories that divide and deceive, and the complicity of uncritical, uncaring audiences.



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SOS understands the American quest for liberty as
the right to tell your own story in the best way you can tell it,
to the people who will be challenged, changed
and charged to act by their sincere listening.

Equipping people to do that will revive democracy
and create a culture of listening
so patently lacking today
in all forms of public and private discourse.

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